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TIME: Sep.27, Wed. 15:00-16:30 p.m.
AUDIENCE: WKU students, faculty and staff
THEME: How to appreciate Chinese paintings

1. What is Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting?(6 parts)
(The origin, tools, components, structure and conventions, styles, themes)
2. How can we learn to perform these two forms of art?

Fang Jiong, born in 1941, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He is from a literary family, with his grandfather being the teacher of his own old-style private school, and his father a famous calligrapher and painter. Fang Jiong held two art exhibitions in Shanghai in the 1940s, and Zhang Daqian wrote a longish recommendation for his exhibitions.

Fang Jiong learned with different teachers since he was five, and with his own hard work and persistence he gradually got to command of various styles of calligraphy as well as painting. Since 1959, Fang Jiong has been invited to teach and work for this field, and his growing experiences add to the exuberance of his works.

Fang Jiong was invited to be the honorary professor of Graphic design major of Wenzhou-Kean University in 2015, and then the president of the research institute of Chinese and American calligraphy and painting of Wenzhou-Kean University in 2016.




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Date: 27th 九月 2017 @ 3:00 下午 - 3:30 下午
Time: 3:00 下午 - 3:30 下午
Venue 教学楼 D201
Organizer Name: 国情中心