The Elite English Program is designed for those who wish to improve their English in a short period of time. With a maximum of fourteen students per class, students have the benefit of practicing their English skills in a small group environment.
A tiered structure and a set of unconventional approaches to learning and training will enable students to acquire and refine their English language skills either at the intermediate or advanced levels. Students learn new vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their English communication skills in a discussion-based class. Class themes focus on practical learning skills, high-interest topics, and cultural literacy which present language in context and encourage students to think critically and creatively.

Chinese 10th-12th graders (senior high students) who:

l plan to study abroad for further education;

l wish to enroll in a Chinese-foreign cooperative university;

l have interest in developing English proficiency.

This is a three-week intensive program with 90 hours of differentiated instruction. Classes run from Monday through Saturday, starting from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm for language acquisition, continuing from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm for skills development. The curriculum comprises six core courses and six supplemental courses.
Core Course 1: Vocabulary Development
Core Course 2: Effective Writing
Core Course 3: Critical Reading
Core Course 4: Listening Comprehension
Core Course 5: Oral Discourse
Core Course 6: Cultural Literacy
The six supplemental courses include: Pronunciation Lab, Watch and Learn (English TV Shows), Learning by Heart, Social Etiquette, National Monuments of the US (select), Presentational Skills, Team Project.
In addition, a variety of co-curricular activities ranging from e-learning, reading circle, movie night to scavenger hunt are arranged daily from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
Through the all-around training, students will be able to acquire the appropriate English learning methods and tools; to increase vocabulary in authentic context; to write standard English essays, letters, and emails; to communicate in English in social and academic settings; and to develop critical thinking through reading.

The Program cost to each participant is RMB 6,800 yuan and covers tuitions, fees, and housing expenses (excluding meals).

All participants will reside in Wenzhou-Kean University’s modern student residence hall. The building contains furnished rooms with four beds, central air-conditioning, and a private bathroom. The hall is also equipped with laundry facilities and a convenience store selling daily necessities, beverages, and snacks. During the training period, students will have meals at the University’s dining hall.

The program will be conducted on the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University which is located in Li’ao Township, Ouhai District. Surrounded by mountains, the campus features natural beauty and elegant architecture with facilities meeting the standards of a typical American university. Each student will have access to a gym, billiard room, table tennis room, game room, basketball courts, among other amenities.

1) visit the official website of Wenzhou-Kean University, click the floating mark on the homepage with “Wenzhou-Kean Elite English Program 2014” on it, and download Application Form for Wenzhou-Kean Elite English Program 2014;
2) Fill out the Application Form;
3) Send the Application Form to eliteenglish@wku.edu.cn and wait to be contacted for confirmation by phone;
4) Upon confirmation, an electronic offer of admission will be sent to you. Program cost is then to be paid to the University’s designated account within 7 days.
5) Once the payment is received, you will be informed of successful admission by phone.
Contact: Ms. Sarah Huang / Ms. Carol Chen from Wenzhou-Kean’s English Language Center
Tel: 0577-55870071 / 55870068 QQ:1002457663 / 2078426372

Throughout the duration of the Program from July, 6 to July, 27, all participants are required to remain with the Elite Program community at all times on campus. Any independent travel requests must be authorized in advance by a teacher from the English Language Center in consultation with the student’s parents. Participants are expected to actively engage in all academic and co-curricular activities and follow all safety instructions and guidelines as well as Student Code of Conduct of Wenzhou-Kean University.