Announcement of 2018 General Program-Education Department of Zhejiang Province

To all colleges, administrative departments,

We are pleased to announce three projects which are recommended being submitted to Education Department of Zhejiang Province on the basis of the regulations and notice of 2018 General Program-Education Department of Zhejiang Province.

The announcement will be posted on the official website during Oct. 29 and Nov. 3. Any objection to the announcement can be reported in written form to ORSP.

Contact: Xiangxiang Zhu ORSP 0577-55870073/15657700990



Project Principal Investigator Type of Project Amount(RMB)


Body Concepts and Narratives in the Legendary Novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties WANG Shengyun General Project 30,000


Research on the Threshold Effect of Industrial Agglomeration and Economic Efficiency under the Urban Structure CHANG Fa-Hsiang General Project


3 Research on Machine Learning Method for Evaluation of Enrollment Data of Sino-foreign cooperative universities WANG Chen General Project


Wenzhou-Kean University