@All faculty and students: Notice about postponing the start of the spring semester of 2020

Notification on Postponing the Opening of Spring Semester and Taking Measures against the Novel Coronavirus

Dear faculty, staff and students,

     In accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Education, Provincial Government and Municipal Government and the current situation of the university, we would like to update you on what the university has decided for the opening of the Spring Semester and prevention and control measures we will take.

  1. The opening of Spring Semester is temporarily postponed to February 24. All staff shall return to work on February 20; all faculty shall return to work on February 21; and students are allowed to come back to campus on February 22. All faculty, staff and students shall not come back to campus before these dates.

    The Academic Calendar will also be adjusted, and you may find the details on the WKU homepage. Please ask for leave in advance, if any faculty, staff or student can not return to campus on time. Contact information are as attached.

  2. We strong advice those faculty, staff and students who are living on campus to minimize the frequency of going out and cooperate with the implementation of daily body temperature check. If you are in fever or have any other symptom, please contact the Health Service Center immediately. Contact information are as attached.
  3. To safeguard the health of every member of WKU, the university will implement a strict entry and exit policy on campus from now to the end of the Prevention and Control Period. Only limited and permitted entry and exit are allowed during the period. There will temporarily be no reception for public visits. 

To further strengthen the efforts of anti-epidemic prevention against the novel coronavirus, the university will keep close contact with education authorities and centers for disease controls at all levels, strictly implement all measures to prevent any further epidemic diffusion, and enhance campus safety and security. At the moment, the university has established a task force, which has made plans for epidemic preventions and control and has organized meetings for task deployment. The University has been disinfecting and ventilating all residence areas, offices and education halls. All people entering and leaving the campus must receive body temperature measurement. Until now, no novel coronavirus infected case has been identified in staff and students. The university will continue the efforts and get well prepared for anti-epidemic prevention and control, teaching arrangements, and adequate supplies before the Spring Semester begins.

The prevention and control of the disease is about safety and health of every WKU member. During this special period, please keep updated on the latest information, raise the awareness of self-protection and prevention in public places. It is highly suggested to travel less and avoid going to the crowded places. The University cares and supports every and each of you and will continue to offer more suggestions on the prevention of the disease through various channels.

If you need any help, please contact us:
Student Affairs: 0577-55870128studentaffairs@wku.edu.cn
Human Resources: 18658760142hrdept@wku.edu.cn
Logistics and Assets Management: maamdept@wku.edu.cn
Health Service Center: 0577-55870120healthservice@wku.edu.cn
Security Center: 0577-55870110

The dates may be adjusted if there is significant change of epidemic situation or the university receives further notification from higher authorities. We will make further notice if there is any change.

Dear all, thank you for your understanding and support. Let’s work together to win this battle of preventing and fighting against this disease.


Wenzhou-Kean University
January 28, 2020