The 2020 Plan Project of Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology

The 2020 Plan Project of Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology


1. Major Science & Technology Innovation Program

Major fields supported: emerging industries including digital economy, smart equipment, life and health, new energy internet-connected car, new material; traditional industries including electronics, shoe-leather, clothing, automobile part, pump and valve.

Exploration of cutting-edge technology and innovation are addressed.

Encourage universities to apply for the joint program with qualified companies.

2. Public Welfare Basic Research Program

Major fields supported: technology research and application at public welfare including recourse and environment, population health and security, public security, disaster reduction and prevention, development of agriculture and rural area. Soft science research is supported as well.


1.Application Limit in general

An applicant as a PI cannot apply for more than 1 program. An applicant as a PI who is currently hosting more than 1 program of Plan Project of Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology cannot apply. Applicant who has applied for NSFC this year shall not use the same or similar proposal to apply for the municipal project.

2.Online Application

On search “Evaluation of Municipal Science and Technology Project” (“市级科技计划的评审”) click “Online Processing” (“在线办理”), register with the ID card on the “Zhejiang Government Service Network” and then log in.

The application form and the feasibility report should be submitted online. (P.S. Wenzhou-Kean University, the PI’s and group members’ names are not allowed to be included in the feasibility report.). If there are technical problems in the registration, please feel free to contact us via


Online application: April 25, 2020 – May 25, 2020

Since Office of Research and Sponsored Programs shall do pre-qualification examination before May 25, 2020, so all the applicants are required to submit online applications before 4:00 p.m. May 20, 2020.


In the Feasibility Report, please use XXX to replace your name and Wenzhou-Kean University. Applicant’s name and supporting institution are not allowed to appear in the feasibility report.

For the project which is authorized and approved, the notification will be sent by message to PI. Thus, if it is not convenient to add the PI’s phone number, you can add Jiajun Bao’s phone number 15057712500 in the form. When Jiajun receives a message, he will inform the PI.

Any related questions of the above research projects please feel free to contact us via, thank you!
Wenzhou-Kean University
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs