WKU Chronology

December 14th
James R. Heller, Consul General at the U.S Consulate General in Shanghai, and Jeremy Beck, Chief of Provincial Relations Office, led a delegation to visit Wenzhou-Kean University. He highly appreciated the efforts and fruitful outcomes of WKU, and especially, he highlighted the pivotal role that WKU has played to strengthen the non-government exchanges between China and the United States and the significant contributions it made to forge a better bilateral relation.

December 13th 
Professor Tan Jianrong, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Qiushi Professor of Zhejiang University, and doctoral supervisor, visited WKU. He gave a lecture on From Robot to Intelligent Robot: Key technologies and Development Trend, sharing his thoughts on China’s future research development.

December 12th
Chen Tianlong Art Museum was opened after three-year long preparation. This is the first university museum in Wenzhou named after an individual artist. Chen Tianlong is one of the most representative figures among the first generation of oil painters in Wenzhou after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The art museum collected 50 paintings, and 69 artworks were displayed in the first exhibition named Natural Selection.

November 30th 
Wenzhou-Kean University Bioinformatics International Science and Technology Cooperation Base was listed in Zhejiang provincial International Science and Technology Cooperation Base. The platform will focus on biological medicine and big data research and development. The team consists of 11 members. All the members are overseas high-level talents holding Ph.D. degrees.

November 16th 
The 6th Council Meeting of Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Union was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. Leaders of the nine Sino-foreign cooperative universities engaged in an in-depth exchange of ideas and discussions on the new opportunities and approaches of Sino-foreign cooperative universities in the post-pandemic era, offering insights on China’s higher education reform. Ms. Liu Jin, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges (Office of Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan) of Ministry of Education, Mr. Chen Genfang, Party Secretary and Director of Zhejiang Education Department, and Ms. Tang Xiaoshu, Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou attended this event.

November 12th 
Wu Bingxian, an English major of Wenzhou-Kean University, entered the 2020 FLTRP Cup English Public Speaking Competition Zhejiang provincial tournament and received the 2nd prize in the competition.

November 12th-13th 
The 5th Sino-foreign Cooperative University IT Alliance Conference and Symposium was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. Participants from the nine joint universities gathered and discussed the opportunities and challenges of IT application in universities. IT department heads and engineers of Duke Kunshan University, New York University Shanghai, Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), and International Campus of Zhejiang University shared their experience on IT work during the pandemic, hybrid teaching mode in the post-pandemic era, and smart campus construction.

October 30th 
The Parallel Forum of China Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Forum–Made in Wenzhou, Global Fight against Pandemic, was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. The forum was organized by Wenzhou-Kean University Education Foundation and co-organized by Blazing Youth Community, SG Grind Wenzhou, Guoji Internet Information Technology, Yuanda Think Tank. Around 100 participants were invited to the forum, including entrepreneurs, investors, professors, and government officers. They showed their sense of responsibility among the Wenzhou enterprises and social organizations in the face of the pandemic. Jiang Yu, Deputy Director General of Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau, delivered an opening speech online, and Ma Xiangyu, and President of China Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Forum, also sent a congratulatory message to the forum.

October 28th 
Wenzhou-Kean University Newford Big Data Talent Training Base was established. The opening ceremony was held on the first floor of the CBPM hall. Dr. Wang Zhenyu, the head of the Newford Research Institute of Advanced Technology, Mr. Frank Wang, Chair of Board of Directors, and Dr. Xu Shuli, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, attended this event.

October 20th 
INTER-WORLD-VIEW workshop highlighting intelligence and art was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. Sun Zhouxing, Dean of Humanities School of Tongji University, Wang Hongzhe, assistant professor of Journalism and Communication School of Peking University, Bai peigeng, Xu Weijing, professors in Media and Arts at Duke Kunshan University, RAQS Media Collective, artists, Timothy Marzullo, Founder of Brain Neuroscience Laboratory, Luo Wei, Chief Engineer of Huawei Cyberverse, and Carlo Ratti, a professional architect, and engineer from MIT, were invited to join the workshop. These ten scholars were from the fields of natural science, social science, humanities, and culture participated. They questioned science in the form of art, interpreted art from a scientific perspective, and highlighted a series of cross-disciplinary debates on the universal questions that were interested in both scientists and humanistic intellectuals with WKUers.

October 18th 
The first science sharing panel of the 2020 World Young Scientist Summit was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. The Ambassador of Slovakia to China, Dusan Bella, shared with the audience his magnificent cross-border life, from a scientist to a diplomat.

October 16th 
Wenzhou-Kean University signed an agreement with the Wenzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade to jointly build an internship base. The base will fully leverage WKU’s students’ advantage as global citizens and help attract foreign investment.

October 9th 
To leverage top intelligence resources and further promote the building of WKU into a high-level and international university, Wenzhou-Kean University Advisory Committee was established with a total of 15 scholars and experts involved as a top-tier think tank. The Committee has a strong lineup with eight academicians. The Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Mr. Chen Weijun, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General Mr. Wang Jun, and Deputy Mayor Ms. Tang Xiaoshu attended the event.

October 5th  
Three student teams of Wenzhou-Kean University won outstanding awards in the Wenzhou Longwan fifth College Students Entrepreneurship Competition. Small Tree Project, TECHBUS Project received the second prize, and Trash-x received the third prize.

September 20th 
60 freshmen arrived on campus as Wenzhou-Kean University’s first cohort of students recruited by independent admissions. In fall 2020, the University actively responded to the policy released by the Ministry of Education on expanding independent admissions among Sino-foreign cooperative universities and successfully completed the four rounds of recruitment work. The University enrolled 213 students who intended to study abroad after high school and transfer students who have already studied overseas. Many of them held acceptance letters from world-renowned universities, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University, and the University of Edinburgh.

September 18th
The 3rd Session of the Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Library Annual Conference was successfully held at Wenzhou-Kean. Themed as Challenge, Innovation, Development, the conference continues to serve as a stage to discuss Library Services Marketing & Promotion, Cooperation on Acquisitions, Resources Sharing, and the future development of Sino-Foreign University Libraries. Hosted by Yang Le, University Librarian of WKU, the conference was also attended by counterparts from the University at Albany, State University of New York, the University of Oklahoma, Texas Tech University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Ebsco International China, China National Sci-Tech Information Imp & Exp Corporation, CNPIEC, etc.

September 8th
Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee Chen Weijun visited Wenzhou-Kean University. The delegation also includes member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou CPC Committee and Director of Wenzhou Publicity Department Hu Jianjin, and member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou CPC Committee and Secretary General of Wenzhou Municipal Government Wang Jun. Chen Weijun said during the visit, Wenzhou-Kean University is a showcase to demonstrate universities in Wenzhou, but also ties up the friendship between China and the U.S. The first postgraduate cohort is a milestone of development, and he looked forward to greater progress in the future. Chen also extended festive greetings to all faculty and staff.

September 5th
The Opening Ceremony was held, and 800 newcomers (including undergraduate and postgraduate students) attended the ceremony. The cohort came from 19 provinces, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. International students came from countries including the U.S., Korea, Venezuela, and Bangladesh. The 800 newcomers are consisted of WKU’s first postgraduate cohort, which is a fundamental milestone along the history of WKU.

August 20th
The opening ceremony of the 16th Seminar for the Chairperson (Secretary General) of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in China, sponsored by Wenzhou Investment Promotion Bureau and jointly organized by the School of Public Management of Zhejiang University and Wenzhou-Kean University, was held in our university. More than 100 chairpersons and secretaries general from all over the country gathered in WKU for a three-day training course. Dean of the School of Public Management of Zhejiang University Yu Jianxing, Deputy Secretary General of Wenzhou Municipal Government Dai Xuqiang, Secretary of WKU CPC Committee Wang Beijiao, Chairman of WKU Foundation Wang Chengyun, Vice Chancellor of WKU Yan Xiaopeng attended the ceremony, hosted by Secretary of Wenzhou Investment Promotion Bureau CPC Party Group and Director of Wenzhou Investment Promotion Bureau Wu Songhai.

July 23rd
In the 9th LSCAT-Cup National Interpreting Competition, 7 WKU students won prizes out of 370 contestants from universities and colleges all across China. The first prize: Ai rujin (Global Business freshman), Tang Fengrong (English sophomore); The second prize: Wang Pengchao (English sophomore); The third prize: Liu Jingting (Accounting freshman), Xu Sibo (English freshman); The excellence prize: Lou Shenlan (English freshman), Zhou Yihan (English junior).

March 4th 
To ensure a safe and smooth school opening of the Spring 2020 against the onset of COVID-19, the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department launched the 2020 Spring School Opening Supervision and “Three Services”. Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Yu Yongming chose Wenzhou-Kean University as the first stop in Wenzhou and inspected the campus on pandemic prevention and control, preparations for school opening, online courses progresses, and faculty and students who were at the time abroad. Yu spoke highly of Wenzhou-Kean’s work done against the onset of COVID-19.

February 24th
To safeguard students, faculty and staff’s health against the onset of COVID-19, WKU launched online teaching. The unique platform was jointly built by Kean University’s outstanding teaching resources, where 122 faculty members from 28 countries and regions could interact with students from 17 provinces in China, to ensure the teaching and learning of WKU students.

January 15th
The 2019 Wenzhou Top Ten Internationalization Events Ceremony and the 2020 Pareto Public Policy Salon (the 3Rd Session), hosted by Wenzhou Internationalization Research and Development Promotion Center and Zhejiang Daily Wenzhou, were held at World Wenzhounese Home. WKU’s newly started postgraduate programs was among the top ten events. Other events such as World Young Scientist Summit brought WKU the Nobel Prize Winner Akira Suzuki’s lecture, and WKU community also contributed to the international entrepreneurship group Startup Grind’s launch in Wenzhou.

January 15th
Four months after the establishment of WKU’s TOFEL Test Center. Wenzhou-Kean University passed the test by the Ministry of Education Test Center and was approved to establish a GRE Test Center. As the only GRE Test Center in South Zhejiang Province, the establishment would bring students in the area great benefits. Chancellor Wang Li, Member of WKU CPC Committee and Vice Chancellor Zheng Xiaodong, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Eric Yang, and Vice Chancellor Shuli Xu attended the plaque unveiling ceremony.

January 6th
The China-U.S. Economy Trade Science Technology Education Culture Cooperation Reception was held in Hangzhou, where representatives of industries and academia from both China and the U.S. gathered together. The reception was held as a platform to boost communication, build mutual trust, settle differences, and promote healthy development for China-U.S. civil exchange and cooperation. Guests included representatives of government departments, overseas Chinese and industries. The reception also invited the former United States Assistant Secretary of Commerce Huang Jiannan and Vice President of Zhejiang University He Lianzhen as special guests.

December 24th
Wenzhou-Kean University’s Finance, English, Computer Science, Marketing and Global Business and Graphic Design program were graded as first-class undergraduate programs at the provincial level.

December 19th
Mr. Xu Yongji, the Deputy of Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education visited WKU. Mr. Xu expressed his high expectations on the University.

December 18th
Mr. Ge Yiping, Director of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Wenzhou visited WKU and publicized the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 14th CPC Provincial Committee on campus.

December 13rd
Three WKU research projects were granted by 2019 Wenzhou Municipal Social Science Key Research Base. The projects are: The Past, Now and Future of Wenzhou Wuma Street: Design and Develop Mobile APP to Revive Traditional Culture based on Augmented Reality and Machine Learning by Pinata Winoto, Assistant Professor from College of Science and Technology, The Analysis and Practical Research on the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Wenzhou’s Manufacturing Industry—A Case Study of Wenzhou’s Footwear Industry by Zhang Faxiang, Lecturer of College of Liberal Arts and Study on the Strategy of Wenzhou’s Digital Economy Development by Chen Rongjuan, Assistant Professor from College of Business and Public Management.

Mr. Wu Hailong, Chairman of China Public Diplomacy Association visited WKU.

December 9th
Professor Yang Wei, the former President of Zhejiang University gave a lecture—Research Landscape of Mainland China at WKU campus. He is a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Treasure of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), and a Foreign Member of National Academy of Engineering (USA). Dr. Yang used to serve as the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). At the lecture, he introduced the current Research Landscape of Mainland China and shared his thoughts on China’s research development.

November 29th
George Solomon, a senior WKU international student majoring in computer science was awarded as a fine example of the first Wenzhou College Student Innovation and entrepreneurship.

November 28th
Wenzhou-Kean University Creative City Research Center, Wenzhou-Kean University Center for Social Enterprise and Charity, and Wenzhou-Kean University Institute of Public Architecture Design were established.

November 20th
Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University, Dr. Wang Li announced that WKU was approved to offer 11 graduate-level programs and graduates will receive degrees from Kean University. The eight master programs and three doctoral programs are: Computer Information Systems (M.S.), Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.), Global Management (MBA), Biotechnology Science (M.S.), Psychology (M.A.), Educational Administration (M.A.), Architecture (M.Arch.), Accounting (M.S.), Combined School and Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.), Counseling and Supervision (Ph.D.) and Educational Leadership (Ed.D.). The University rolls out three programs in 2020.

Mr. Cui Aimin, Director General of the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Consular Affairs visited WKU. He appraised the beautiful environment and creative design of the campus buildings. He also expressed his expectations that WKU will achieve more success in the future.

November 12nd
Mr. Lin Jianhai, Secretary of International Monetary Fund visited WKU and was officially appointed as an expert of WKU Advisory Committee.

November 1st
WKU made its debut on the National Spirit-Chinese Dream-Zhejiang College Student Art Festival. WKU students won the first-prize in dancing category with the dance “Fearless”. The Dance Trio “Origin of the Dai Water” performed by Song Yuxia, Zhu Zheyan and Wang Yihan won the third prize. Wang Yichen won the outstanding singer award with the song “Speechless”.

October 21st -31st
A delegation consisting of 19 principals from Zhejiang Province participated in the 10-day Zhejiang-New Jersey STEM Education Training in Union, New Jersey. 21 members of Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Kean University and WKU exchange students served as volunteers during the training session.

October 26th
Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Akira Suzuki gave a lecture on The Way to Suzuki Reaction at WKU. This lecture is one of the sessions of World Young Scientist Summit (Wenzhou)—Nobel, I am Waiting Here for You in the Future. WKU Chancellor Dr. Wang Li awarded him the WKU medal.

October 21st
Ms. Tang Xiaoshu, Vice Mayor of Wenzhou, led a delegation to visit WKU. She said WKU is a university of high expectation. The development of WKU means a lot to Wenzhou’s city development. WKU is a university with promising future and is of great importance to the city’s development. WKU contributes to the development of Wenzhou by offering quality education as a higher education institution, driving Wenzhou’s economic growth, and bringing talents to Wenzhou. The Wenzhou municipal party committee and the municipal government will always attach great importance to WKU and support its development.

October 17th
Ms. Liu Jin, Director General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education visited Kean University. She had a conversation with Dr. Farahi, the President of Kean University.

October 14th
Ms. Liu Jin, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education and her Delegation visited WKU. She said it was important to build WKU into a model of China-foreign cooperative university. She also hoped WKU with its distinctive characteristics accelerate its growth and ensure offering high quality education and play a more positive role in China-U.S. education cooperation and people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Mr. Yao Gaoyuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Wenzhou and Ms. Hu Jianjin, Member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Director of Wenzhou Publicity Department joined this visit.

September 27th
Dr. Toby Michelena, a biology professor of WKU attended the Foreign Experts Reception in Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China as a representative of foreign experts.

September 20th
The first TOEFL center in southern Zhejiang area was unveiled at WKU. This meant that Wenzhou becomes the third city in Zhejiang Province to have TOEFL test sites. Students from southern Zhejiang area and northern Fujian area may attend the test in Wenzhou.

August 27th
The 2019 Joint Conference on Social Networks, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence was held at WKU. The Joint Conference was hosted by Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore-China and Association for Social Networks and Social Networks Innovation Center, Taiwan, China, and organized by WKU. The Conference lasted three days as scheduled.

July 24th
Mr. Che Jun, the Secretary of the Zhejiang CPC Provincial Committee led a delegation to visit WKU. Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary-General, Mr. Chen Weijun, Member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Wenzhou, Mr. Chen Genfang, Party Secretary and Director of Zhejiang Education Department, and Mr. Yao Gaoyuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Wenzhou joined this visit. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Frank Wang, Chairman of WKU Board of Directors and Dr. Wang Li, Chancellor of WKU. He hoped that WKU stick to the goal of building itself into an international and world-class application-oriented university with Chinese characteristics. Aiming to high-standard and high quality, WKU needs to further expand the scale and strive to build leading disciplines and academic programs, offering more intellectual support to Zhejiang’s high-quality growth.

July 24th – August 2nd
2019 Overseas Chinese Teenager “Roots Finding” Summer Camp was held. Overseas Chinese teenagers experienced the Ouyue culture in Wenzhou-Kean University.

July 8th
Wenzhou Association for Science and Technology-Wenzhou-Kean University Science Camp was held. 20 Wenzhounese teenagers and three Kean University students embarked on their exploration into science.

June 16th
2019 Zhejiang Higher Education Student Enrollment Consultation Session’s first stop was held in WKU with 162 booths (including representatives of Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Authority, Wenzhou Municipal Education Examination Authority and EOL.CN), providing consultation sessions for middle school students concerning university enrollment.

June 14th
WKU Chancellor Wang Li’s research on an intelligent closed-loop insulin controlled release system based on phenylborate had new breakthroughs. Professor Wang Li and Associate Professor Yu Haojie published an essay in Journal of Controlled Release.

June 6th – 10th
WKU juniors Wang Yangcan and Dai Yuecong won the third prize in the 2019 “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Contest national final.

June 8th
WKU Art Troupe’s performance “Fearless” won the top four in 2019 “Zhe Shi Jie Wu” Street Dance Competition final.

June 5th
Mr. Li Qiang, Secretary of Shanghai CPC Committee met President of Kean University Dr. Dawood Farahi. Dr. Farahi wished to play an increasingly positive role in promoting China-U.S. education exchanges based on the current cooperation. Mr. Zhuge Yujie, Member of Shanghai CPC Standing Committee and Secretary-General of Shanghai CPC Committee also attended the meeting.

June 4th
Mr. Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee met President of Kean University Dr. Dawood Farahi in Hangzhou. Mr. Che welcomed the delegation, and spoke highly of Dr. Farahi’s support and efforts in WKU’s development. He hoped Kean University introduce more outstanding education resources and concepts, and help WKU become a high-standard internationalized university which sets a model for China-U.S. cooperative education.

June 2nd
The fourth WKU Commencement Ceremony was held in Wenzhou Grand Theatre. 433 graduates received their diplomas and certificates. Mr. Chen Weijun, Vice Governor of Zhejiang and Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee sent three “invitation letters” to our graduates. President of Kean University Dr. Farahi and Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University Dr. Wang Li extended their sincere wishes to the graduates. Wenzhounese Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Xie Zuowei addressed the graduates as the keynote speaker.

June 1st
Zhejiang-New Jersey STEM Innovation Education Forum was held in WKU CBPM. The forum was hosted by Zhejiang Education International Exchange Association and Kean University, and co-hosted by Wenzhou-Kean University, Zhejiang Education Department Teaching and Research Office, Wenzhou Education Bureau, and Wenzhou High School of Arts. The forum gathered experts in the field of education, and was attended by Deputy Director of Zhejiang Education Department Yu Yongming. The forum discussed how we enhance STEM education including technology and engineering in K12 education, and explored potentials of establishing STEM-oriented schools.

May 28th
Mr. Chen Weijun, Vice Governor of Zhejiang, Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee visited WKU. He emphasized that the priority of WKU is construction and development, and the University should have the determination and confidence to learn from others, to focus on high-standard internationalization, to strive for authentic progress, and to march towards the goal of becoming a contributing university in Wenzhou, a renowned university in Zhejiang, an influential university in China and a university with distinctive features in the world.

May 16th
Mr. Chen Genfang, Director of Zhejiang Education Department visited WKU and attended a meeting, during which he suggested WKU strike to build WKU brand and improve the University’s reputation.

May 14th
A research project of WKU Chancellor Dr. Wang Li and his team on chlorinated polymer was awarded the Third Prize in the 2018 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award during the Zhejiang Science and Technology Award Ceremony.

May 5th – 7th
The United States National Architectural Accrediting Board panel David Hinson and Benjamin Lee visited WKU and evaluated architectural programs of the University.

April 21st
The 2019 WKU Three-in-One Exam was held. The quota this year is 100 with two new programs namely Biology (Cell and Molecular Biology) and architecture. The number of applicants reached a record high of 957, and 574 were qualified to take the exam.

March 14th
WKU held the Inaugural Meeting of the Association for Science and Technology of Wenzhou –Kean University and the membership’s first meeting. The meeting elected the first committee, standing committee and leadership. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Eric Yang was elected Chair of the first standing committee. Vice Chair of Wenzhou Municipal Association for Science and Technology Lu Qianfan attended the meeting and unveiled the plate.

February 25th
Wenzhou-Kean University held the University Leadership and Faculty Representatives Meeting, announcing the appointment of the new Chancellor. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ma Yongliang, a standing member of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, and the Director of Wenzhou Municipal Organization Department, Mr. Zheng Jianhai, WKU board member and Director of Wenzhou Education Bureau, Ms. Xu Jia, Deputy Director of Municipal Organization Department and Mr. Qian Qiang, WKU board member and Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou University. Mr. Frank Wang, Chairman of WKU Board of Directors hosted the meeting.

February 14th
Mr. Huang Ping, the Consul General from the New York Consulate of China, Yang Jun, the Education Counselor of the Education office six people in total visited the main campus of Kean University in Union, New Jersey on February 14th. People they met with included Dr. Farahi, the President of Kean University, Nicholas Scutari, the Senator for New Jersey and J. Christian Bollwage, the Mayor of Elizabeth in New Jersey. Senior officers of Kean University who attended included the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Provost, Vice Presidents and Mr. John Kean, a Member of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors.


Major Events

December, 2018 On Dec.12, the opening ceremony of the Institute of Asia Industry Competitiveness was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. The mission of the institute is “Advancing Asia Industry Research Linkages”.
On December 11, the first conference of Wenzhou-Kean University Alumni Association was successfully held. Mr. Wang Beijiao, Chair of WKU Board of Directors and former WKU Executive Vice Chancellor Mr. Philip Connelly, alumni representatives and serval staff representative attended this meeting. Dr. Xu Shuli, WKU Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, hosted the meeting.
November, 2018 On Nov 26th, Light-up the future of Wenzhou with creativity: 2018 Wenzhou (Kean)-Italy Design Forum was held at WKU. This forum is the first major event of Wenzhou’s Italy Culture Festival.
November 9th is the grand opening day of 2018 World Wenzhounese Conference and China-U.S. Education Cooperation in WKU. Deputy Mayor Ms. Zheng Chaoyang attended the conference and delivered a speech.
Scholars and experts both home and abroad gathered, sharing their achievements and experience of China-U.S. education cooperation, as well as bringing their expertise on WKU’s construction and development.
October, 2018 On Oct.9th, Mr. Fang Jun, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International. Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education led a delegation to visit Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Yao Gaoyuan, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Wenzhou municipal government, Ms. Zheng Chaoyang, Deputy Mayor, Secretary General Mr. Peng Lihua and Deputy Secretary General Mr. Ye Shiqiang also joined this visit.
September, 2018 On Sep.23th (local time), Ms. Wang Yichen, a WKU junior student now studying at KU as exchange student attended a United Nations high-level forum at the United Nations Headquarters. The theme of the forum is “Science and Technology, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Goal”.
In the recently published project list from the 2018 National Science Foundation of China, Dr. Wong’s project “Towards a highly tailored indoor horticulture: A functional genomics guided phenotypic approach” was included in the Research Fund for International Young Scientists, receiving funding of 396,000 RMB.
August, 2018 On August 6 at the municipal Opening-up conference, Wenzhou-Kean University was listed as one of the ten measures to further open up Wenzhou. Participants at the meeting also decided to nuture WKU as a model of China-foreign Cooperative University. Dr. Toby Michelena, a Professor of Biology at WKU, was invited to speak at the conference as an expat representative. Also at the meeting, WKU was awarded the status as an advanced unit by Wenzhou municipal government.
July, 2018 On July 17th, the 40th International Conference of the IEEE engineering in Medicine and Biology was held in Hawaii, USA. The research paper The Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase by A Brain-Targeting Polylysine-ApoE Peptide: Biochemical and Structural Characterizations led by Dr. Meng Yu and her groups was adopted by the conference.
June, 2018 On June 14th, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province and Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee Chen Weijun visited WKU. Chen said during the visit, the development of WKU is of great importance both strategically and socially. The university should set a high standard, champion the development direction, enhance the goal, upgrade the strategic plan, complete the systems and regulations, so that the university can become a contributing university in Wenzhou, a renowned university in Zhejiang, an influential university in China, and a university with distinctive features in the world. The visit was joint by representatives from Wenzhou Municipal Government including Finance Bureau, Education Bureau, Housing Commission, and Ouhai District. The meeting was also joint by WKU leadership, namely Zheng Xiaodong, Yang Yixin, Xu Shuli, Ying Yonghong, Xia Caiguo, and Wang Chengyun.
One June 7th, the Opening Ceremony of Zhejiang Kean Institution of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship was held in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. Attendees include: Mr. Chen Xinhua, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou; Dr. Dawood Farahi, President of Kean University; Mr. Yang Zuojun, Director of Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission; Mr. Wang Beijiao, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wenzhou-Kean University; Mr. Jin Chengtao, Chief of People’s Government of Hangzhou Shangcheng District; Mr. Ye Rong, Deputy Chief of People’s Government of Hangzhou Shangcheng District. On the ceremony, Hangzhou Shangcheng District signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Wenzhou-Kean University. Taking the advantage of Zhejiang Kean Institution of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, the two sides will spare no effort to promote innovation in science and technology through incubating five collaborative platforms.
On June 2nd, the 2018 WKU Commencement Ceremony was held in Wenzhou Grand Theatre, where 381 graduates from WKU would start their new life journey. The graduates are the first graduating cohort since the official establishment of the university in 2014. Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee and Vice Mayor Yao Gaoyuan, President of Kean University Dawood Farahi, Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University Lu Shanzhen and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Teng Jinguang addressed at the ceremony. A performance was brought by renowned Wenzhounese dancer, the “Queen of Chinese Ballet” Shan Chong. The ceremony was hosted by Chair of WKU Board Wang Beijiao.
May, 2018 In the Design for Education, a contest launched by UCDA-University and College Designers Association, 4 WKU freshmen won the prizes, namely Chen Sidan (the Second Prize), Chen Yulu (Honorary Nomination), Wen Ziye (Honorary Nomination), Yang Yixin (Honorary Nomination).
From May 7th to 13th, WKU Accounting sophomore Wang Yichen, as a member of the youth delegation of Youthink Center, participated in a new round of climate conference under the framework of UNFCCC held in Bonn, Germany.
April, 2018 On April 19th, the 3rd Student Research Day (SRD) began. Nearly 70 student groups showed their academic research results from this year to the audience by giving presentations and making posters which attracted a record number of participants. This year’s research topics covered more fields. Apart from Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Computer Science, English and Psychology, the new fields of Demography, Biology and Architecture were added to the list.
On April 15th, the 2018 WKU “Three-in-One” Test began, participated by 667 students in Zhejiang Province. The quota this year nearly quadrupled with 4 new academic programs, namely Maths and Applied Maths, Psychology, Management (Global Entrepreneurship Management), and Management (Global Logistics Information Management).
On April 14th, the Bloomberg Lab was officially in use, and it is the second Bloomberg Lab among Zhejiang universities.
March, 2018 On March 30th, Zhejiang Provincial Higher Education Degree Commission Office sent a panel to WKU and said on a meeting after their evaluation: Wenzhou-Kean University is qualified for conferring bachelor degrees, including Finance, Marketing, Global Business, Computer Science, English and Graphic Design, and the panel recommends the above 6 academic programs to the Provincial Degree Commission for accreditations.
February, 2018 In February, undergraduate students Nuo Xu, Dongfang Fu, Shi’ang Li, and Yuxuan Wang from Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) managed publish their research article – GCPred Web Server (http://gcpred.com) –online in the authoritative, international journal Bioinformatics. The project was directed by Aloysius Wong, an associate professor in biology with WKU, to achieve automation and simplicity to the search for guanylate cyclases (GCs).
January, 2018 On January 25th, accompanied by Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission Jiao Xuxiang and Deputy Director of Wenzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission Shao Weiping, Deputy Director General of National Development and Reform Commission Liu Yunan led his delegation to a visit on WKU campus and to WKU Business School. A meeting on WKU history and development was held after the visit, joined by Chair of WKU Board Wang Beijiao and Executive Vice Chancellor Phillip Connelly.
Dr. Toby Michelena, assistant professor in biology at WKU was named as “the Greatest Contributor to Water Harnessing” by Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department and the Municipal Water Conservancy Office. The program to look for “the Greatest Contributor at the Front of Water Harnessing” was launched jointly by Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department, the Municipal Water Conservancy Office, Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group, and Wenzhou Radio and Television Media Group. In Ouhai District, Dr. Michelena was one of the six entities and individuals included in the honorary list.


Major Events

November, 2017 From November 4 to 6, the fourth meeting of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) of 2017 was held in Da Nang, Vietnam. Philip Connelly, executive vice chancellor of WKU and Dr. Cao Jiang, Dean of Business School were invited to attend and address at the meeting.
Signing ceremony for framework cooperation agreement between the People’s Government of Lucheng District and WKU was held this morning. Both parties will work together to build Wenzhou-Kean University International Kindergarten (Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten). It is a new growth point for internationalization of private education, and cooperation principles of “complementary advantages, sharing resources, drive of project and mutual benefit” will be sure to boost the development of Lucheng’s education.
On the afternoon of November 8th, all WKU staff, party members and student representatives attended the Seminar on Studying the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Ge Yiping, director of Wenzhou NPC standing committee and secretary of Party Leadership Group was invited to deliver a themed report. The seminar was hosted by WKU Chair of the Board Wang Beijiao, and Vice Chancellor Dr. Zheng Xiaodong attended the seminar.
October, 2017 On October 28th, 2017, at 9AM, the 13th annual Asian Education Forum was held in Chengdu, Sichuan province with the Vice President of China Association of Higher Education, Guan Peijun, presiding over the opening ceremony of the forum. Government officials, ambassadors to China, university presidents, and representatives of international organizations from 29 countries and regions gathered in the city to discuss the topic of “Education connects the world and innovation leads the future”. Dr. Holger Henke, Vice President of Academic Affairs of Wenzhou-Kean University, was invited to attend the annual meeting on behalf of the university.
Ouhai District and WKU carried out university-locality cooperation and jointly established the WKU Experimental Kindergarten. Yesterday, the kindergarten officially started 2018 Spring enrollment. As a bilingual international kindergarten established jointly by WKU and the government of Ouhai District, WKU Experimental Kindergarten implements hybrid school system integrating public and private running systems.
On October 11th, the 2017 WKU Campus Internship Job Fair was held in WKU MakerSpace. More than 40 companies brought their positions to the job fair.
September, 2017 The 94-year-old former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger congratulated Wenzhou-Kean University on September 26th during the US-China University Presidents and Think Tank Forum at Columbia University. Dr. Jeffrey H Toney, Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs of Kean University, also attended the forum.
Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau publicized that the Primary Exploration on A Mobile Application System for Smart Care of the Aged: Highly Customized and Individualized Cloud Computing Based Spatial Memory Training Mobile Application System to Improve Functional Independence of the Aged, a study project conducted by Dr. Pinata, a teacher of WKU Computer Engineering Department, and the Construction of the Chimera by Polypeptide K16ApoE and Lysosomal Enzyme TPP1 and Its Effect on Conquering Blood Brain Barrier, a study project conducted by Dr. Meng Yu, a teacher of WKU Biology Department, were both listed into the public Sci-Tech Plan Funding Program of Wenzhou in 2017.
On the afternoon of September 25th, Vice Chair of China’s Returned Overseas Chinese Association Qiao Wei and his delegation visited Wenzhou-Kean University. Vice Chair of Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC and Chair of Zhejiang Provincial Returned Overseas Chinese Association Wu Jing, Chair of Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC Yu Meisheng, Member of Wenzhou CPC Standing Committee and Director of Wenzhou United Front Department Shi Aizhu joined the delegation. The visit was also accompanied by Secretary of WKU CPC and Chair of WKU Board of Directors Wang Beijiao, Executive Vice Chancellor Phillip Connelly, and Vice Chancellor Zheng Xiaodong.
August, 2017 From August 2 to 6, the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium “Building life, Giving hope” which was hosted by the United Nations Global Compact and Humanitarian Affairs Asia, was held in the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 900 teachers and students on behalf of hundreds of universities from 78 countries and regions of the world gathered in Bangkok to join the great event.
July, 2017 On July 24th, nearly 200 returned overseas Chinese students from 9 countries including America, France, Italy, Portugal, and Chile gathered in Wenzhou-Kean University and started a journey of Chinese culture.
June, 2017 On June 19th, Wenzhou-Kean University and DaFa Land Group held a donation signing ceremony at WKU campus. Starting from this year, this Group will donate one hundred million RMB to Wenzhou-Kean University Education Foundation successively. This donation is the largest ever in WKU’s history.
On June 5th, WKU Board of Directors Meeting was held. Board members and university leadership of both WKU and KU attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Board Chairman Wang Beijiao. The Board approved the Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting in May 2016, DaFa Donation Agreement, 2016 Financial Final Accounts and 2017 Preliminary Budget, and also approved with conditions the Reimbursement Agreement between Wenzhou-Kean University and Kean University.
On June 3rd, the 2017 Wenzhou-Kean University Commencement Ceremony was held in Wenzhou Grand Theatre. 213 students graduated and stepped into the world. Kean University Preisdent Dawood Farahi, Wenzhou University President LI Xiaokun, Wenzhou-Kean University Chancellor LU Shanzhen, U.S. Consul Gereral to Shanghai Hanscom Smith, Wenzhou Deputy Mayor ZHENG Chaoyang and IMF Secreatry General LIN Jianhai attended the meeting and addressed the audience. WKU Board Chiarman and Secretary of WKU CPC Committee Wang Beijiao hosted the ceremony.
On the afternoon of June1st, Vice Minister of Ministry of Education(MOE) Mr. TIAN Xuejin met with Dr. Dawood Farahi, President of Kean University (KU), and Mr. Wang Beijiao, Chairman of Wenzhou-Kean University(WKU)Board of Directors. Mr. Fang Jun, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Mr. Chen Dali, Director of Division of American and Oceanian Affairs, and Mr. Yan Bingcheng, Director of Division of Cross-border Education were present. The meeting was also attended by Mr. John Kean, Trustee of KU Board of Trustees and member of WKU Board of Directors, Mr. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU, Mr. Andrew Brannen, Vice President of KU, Ms. Felice Vazquez, Special Counsel& Vice President of KU and Mr. Alan Xu, Special Assistant to President KU.
May, 2017 On May 17, the Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) Weetap group from the Computer Science major won the first prize in 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition in Shanghai, after two rounds of fierce competition among 27 groups from other top Chinese universities. The prize is accompanied by an 8,000 RMB reward. WKU Weetap group developed a highly customizable spatial memory training application for the senior citizens (especially those with mild cognitive impairment and dementia).
On May 17th, Minister of State for Presidential Projects, Land management and Equipment of Madagascar Narson Rafidimanana visited WKU. WKU Board Chair and Secretary of WKU CPC Committee Wang Beijiao, and Chair of WKU Foundation and Dean of Returned Overseas Chinese College accompanied the visit.
On May 16th, Director of Wenzhou NPC Standing Committee Ge Yiping, Deputy Director of Wenzhou NPC Standing Committee Xu Yufei, Secretary General Chen Feng, accompanied by Ouhai District CPC Committee Secretary Lou Shaoguang, Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Board Chair Wang Beijiao visited Wenzhou-Kean University and Kean Town.
General Assembly of the United Nations (“GA”) was held on 18, US local time. As the only Zhejiang student of the 12 China youth representatives, Lou Minhui (Yuki), WKU senior student majored in Marketing attended activities in GA week.
In May 2017, Wenzhou-Kean University was the main venue of the 1st Wenzhou Kean Town Culture Festival, where events including East-West Music Festibal and Kean Town Forum, Flower Parade, Kean Town Coffee Culture Festival were held. Citizens and tourists from all over the world were attracted to the events.
April, 2017 On April 19th, the 2nd WKU Student Research Day was held. More than 50 student teams demonstrated their research through presentations and posters. The research topics this year include accounting, finance, marketing, economics, computer science, English, media and psychology.
On April 13th, Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee Zhou Jiangyong and his delegation visited WKU, encouraging the university to further explore China-U.S. education cooperation, staying true to the mission and keeping marching forward. Member of Wenzhou CPC Standing Committee and Director of Department of Publicity Hu Jianjin, Member of Wenzhou CPC Standing Committee and Secretary General Wang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Zheng Chaoyang and staff from relevant government sectors attended the symposium.
March, 2017 On the morning of March 24th, Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC Chair and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group Qiao Chuanxiu and her delegation visited Wenzhou-Kean University. Vice Chair of Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC Wang Jianman, Secretary General of Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC Chen Ronggao, Secretary of Wenzhou CPC Committee Zhou Jiangyong, Member of Wenzhou CPC Standing Committee and Secretary General Wang Jun, Chair of Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC Yu Meisheng accompanied the visit.
On March 6th, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Guo Huawei and his delegation visited Wenzhou-Kean University accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Zheng Chaoyang, Deputy Secretary General of Wenzhou Ye Shiqiang, Director of Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau Zheng Jianhai.
February, 2017 On February 24th, the Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province (the highest-ranking government official in Zhejiang Province) Xia Baolong visited Wenzhou-Kean University for the purpose of exploring various forms of cooperation in education between China and the United States which could lead to jointly cultivating high-quality talent for the future society. Chen Jinbiao (Member of the Provincial Committee of the CPC), Zhou Jiangyong (Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC), Zhang Geng (Mayor of Wenzhou and Vice Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC) and other important figures also attended the meeting.
On the afternoon of February 6th, Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Board Chair Wang Beijiao and Executive Vice Chancellor Philip Connelly met with Chair of Wenzhou China-Africa Chamber of Commerce Mr. Xu Kaiyu.


Major Events

October, 2016 In October, Mr. Zhu Yongbin, party member of Zhejiang Provincial Construction department and Director of the Provincial Construction Administration Bureau, visited Wenzhou Kean University and offered guidance on EPC approach in the future campus construction.
September, 2016 On September 28, Mr. LiuXiping, General Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education and Ms. Zheng Zhaoyang , Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou visited Wenzhou Kean University.
On September 15, Overseas Chinese College of Wenzhou Kean University was officially established on the World Wenzhouese Conference.
On September 1, Mr. Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice President of Operations at Kean University assumed the position as Executive Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Connelly emphasized the importance of the WKU 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. He encouraged all WKU community work hard toward building a world-class university.
August, 2016 On August 2, 2016 Overseas Chinese youth “China Roots Trip”–Wenzhou Kean University Branch Summer Camp opened at the University. The event aimed to help overseas Chinese youths experience and pass on Chinese culture and heritage.
June, 2016 On June 3, Mr. Li Qiang, Governor of Zhejiang Province met with Dr. Farahi, President of Kean USA. Mr. Li recognized the achievement that Wenzhou Kean University has gained.
May, 2016 On May 28, Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) held its Inaugural Commencement. Examples of Chinese and Western cultural integration could be found throughout the occasion. The first class of 187 graduating students were conferred the diploma and received the degrees. Mr. Zhang Geng, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor attended this event and made an address. Representatives from Kean University USA, Wenzhou Kean University, Wenzhou University and Consulate General of the United States in Shanghai, attended the graduation, together with municipal leaders Mrs. Li Xiuzheng and Mrs. Zheng Zhaoyang attended this event.
On May 23, Mr. Zhao Hongzhu, Member of Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC, met with and hosted a banquet for the Kean University delegation led by Dr. Dawood Farahi. Mr. Liu Jianchao, Deputy Director of National Bureau of Corruption Prevention and Director of International Bureau of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC, Mr. Liu Jianwei, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Jin Yonghui, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs and Mr. Xie Yuhua, Inspector of General Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC also attended the meeting.
Secretary Zhao expressed his appreciation for Dr. Farahi’s contribution to the development of Sino-US cooperative education and sincere hopes to the development of the university and its first cohort of graduates.
On May 11, Mr. Zhang Geng, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor led a delegation to visit Wenzhou Kean University.
April, 2016 In April, Wenzhou-Kean University welcomed 161 high school seniors from different regions of Zhejiang Province to take part in its Three-in-One admissions examinations.
(Combining candidates’ performance in high school evaluation tests, recruitment interviews by the university and the national college entrance exam)
March, 2016 On March 10, the Communist Youth League of Wenzhou held a tree planting activity at Wenzhou Kean University. Mr. Wang Yang, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of Central Communist Youth League, Mr. Ren Yumin, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee, Mr. Zhuo Gaozhu, Deputy Director of Municipal People’s Congress, Mr. Wang Yiqi, the Vice-Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC and Chairman of Wenzhou Trade Union, together with 500 local students took part in the activity.
On March 1, Mr. HaoPing, Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. LiuXiping,Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education and Mr. XuLiyi, and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Wenzhou led a delegation to visit Wenzhou Kean University.
February, 2016 Wenzhou-Kean University held the Chinese Traditional Culture Exhibition: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Artists at Campus. Twenty artists were invited to this event, including Mr. Lin Jiandan, Honorary President of Wenzhou Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Mr. He Yuanlong, Honorary Chairman of the Wenzhou Calligraphy Association, and Mr. Wu Pinzhen, the Chairman of the Wenzhou Calligraphy Association.


Major Events

December, 2015 On December 4th, WKU was recognized as the “2015 Most Influential Sino-foreign Cooperative University in China” at the Xinhua Education forum-Voice of Education conference.
November, 2015 On November 15, the 2015 Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors Meeting was held. The meeting unanimously approved to appoint Mr. Wang Beijiao as the Chair of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors.
November, 2015 From November 15 to 17, the 6th Annual Conference on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS) was held at Wenzhou-Kean University. Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Municipality Ms. Zheng Chaoyangand Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Chairman of China Education Association for International Exchange and Mr. Qu Zhengyuan, Chairman of China Association of Higher Education attended this event. Mr.Philip Connelly, Vice President for Operations at Kean University recalled his involvement in the conception, development and growth of Wenzhou-Kean University; and Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice Chancellor of WKU, introduced the characteristics of the University.
November, 2015 From November 12-19, Wenzhou-Kean University student Xia Xue attended the 23th APEC Youth Camp in the Philippines, as a Voice of the Future Chinese youth representative.
October, 2015 On October 28, The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai celebrated its 100th anniversary in Shanghai. More than 500 members and government officials from China and US attended the reception banquet. A delegation from Wenzhou-Kean University led by Mr. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice President of Kean University, Mr. Qian Qiang, Vice Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean Univesity, and Dr. Michael Cooper, Dean of College of Business at Kean University, attended the event.
October, 2015 On October 14, Vice-Secretary of the Wenzhou Party Committee and acting Mayor Mr. XU Liyi led a delegation to visit the Kean University campus in Union, New Jersey. Both Chinese and Kean University representatives expressed they would try their utmost to support Wenzhou-Kean University and build it into a world-class educational institution and a successful example of China-US education partnership. Meanwhile, the Education Bureau of Wenzhou Municipality signed a Framework Agreement on China-US Wenzhou Elementary Education Internationalization.
September, 2015 In September, the new students’ residents were putted into use. In accordance of the principle of “Chinese layout and Western Architect”, the buildings were named after “Plum Hall”, “Orchid Hall”, “Bamboo Hall” and “Chrysanthemum Hall”.
September, 2015 On September 28, during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Wenzhou Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Chen Yixin, member of Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, unveiled the nameplate of the Wenzhou Institute for Commerce and Entrepreneurship (WICE), Wenzhou-Kean University.
September, 2015 On September 28, President Xi Jinping attended the 3rd China-US Governors’ Forum and delivered a speech. In the speech, President Xi referred to Wenzhou-Kean University and said, “The university is running and making good progress.”
August, 2015 In the afternoon of August 24, Wenzhou-Kean delegation led by Mr. James McGreveey, former Governor of New Jersey and Board Member of WKU, visited Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The delegation exchanged ideas on enhancing the province-state cooperation between Zhejiang and New Jersey and the progress of Wenzhou-Kean University serving as the platform for the province-state cooperation.
August, 2015 On August 21, Mr. Xu Liyi, Acting Mayor of the Wenzhou Municipal Government visited WKU. During his visit he emphasized that the Wenzhou Government was, is and will be responsible for WKU. The development of WKU is placed as a top priority. Investment in campus buildings and surrounding facilities construction will be increased. In a word, the municipal government will always support WKU in its construction and growth.
August, 2015 On August 13, Wenzhou-Kean University awarded Honorary Professorship to Dr. Lin Jianhai, Secretary of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
July, 2015 In the afternoon of July 13 America EST, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, visited Kean University. Educational Counsellor Mr. Xu Yongji, Consul Mr. Chang Quansheng and Vice Consul Mr. Zhu Jianzhen accompanied her visit. On behalf of Kean University, President Dr. Dawood Farahi and Executive Vice President Mr. Philip Connelly received the delegation.
June, 2015 On June 22, Madame Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, visited Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. In her keynote address, she said that Chinese and American universities are ‘binding force’ for breaking new grand for China-US cooperation in higher education. She pointed out China-US cooperative universities, including NYU Shanghai, Duke Kunshan University and Wenzhou-Kean University, are great models of the China-US complementary cooperation.
May, 2015 From May 24 to May 15, Chair of University Council Mr. Wang Beijiao and Vice Chancellor Dr. Holger and Executive Vice President at Kean University Mr. Philip Connelly attended the Inaugural Meeting & Second Council Meeting of Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Union, namely the Sino-Foreign Cooperative University Presidents Forum. Mr. Wang delivered a speech titled ‘Enhancing the Advantages of Cooperative Education and Exploring a Talent Cultivation Model to Serve the Regional Development’.
April, 2015 On April 2, Prof. Guo Feng from National Academy of Educational Administration visited Wenzhou-Kean University. After the campus tour and a brief introduction of the university, the 2 parties exchanged ideas of developing and operating the university.
March, 2015 On March 29, examinees from Zhejiang Province took the “3 in 1 Admission” in Wenzhou-Kean University.
March, 2015 On March 20, Ms. Maxine Griffith, Executive Vice President of Columbia University, visited Wenzhou-Kean University. She gave a lecture of The University and the City: A Partnership for Growth.
March, 2015 In March 2015, Wenzhou-Kean University received 7 international students from Kean University; they are the first cohort of international students of the university.
February, 2015 On February 22, On February 22, Mr. Li Qiang, Governor and Deputy Secretary of theCPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Mr. Chen Yixing, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee of the CPC and secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC visited WKU. Li Qiang suggested that WKU’s development should depend on a clear understanding of its identity and finding its right position in the education landscape so that the university can attract and graduate more and better true elites.
January, 2015 In the afternoon of January 18, Mr. Zhang Fangzhang, Vice Chair of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chair of Wenzhou Institute of Architectural Culture, meet with Mr. David Mohney, Dean of School of Architecture and Design at Kean University. After the meeting, Mr. Mohney gave a lecture of Architecture, Urbanism and Public Spaces: Design for People.
January, 2015 On January 1, Mr. Lu Guohao, Deputy Director-General of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Oversea Chinese Affairs visited Wenzhou-Kean University. After received an introduction of the university, he noted that the Provincial Foreign Affairs will continually support the development of Wenzhou-Kean University and hoped the university shall fully utilize the advantage of the sister province-state relationship between Zhejiang and New Jersey.


Major Events

December, 2014 On December 30th, Mr. Chen Yixin, Member of Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, met with Mr. James McGreevey, former Governor of New Jersey and member of Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors. Both parties proposed a plan that utilizing Wenzhou-Kean University as a platform to enhance the cooperation between New Jersey and Zhejiang Province.
December, 2014 On December 5th, Hanscom Smith, U.S. Consul General in Shanghai visited WKU and had a panel discussion on how to enhance the educational and cultural exchanges between China and U.S.
November, 2014 On November 16th, WKU held China-US Forum on Higher Education and Regional Development. Mr. Cen Jianjun, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, former New Jersey Governor and other officials and influential people from both China and U.S. attended the forum. During the forum, Dr. Farahi was conferred of Wenzhou Honorary Citizenship.
September, 2014 On September 12th, WKU had its first Opening Ceremony after the official establishment. 430 freshmen, who are the first-tier candidates of Collage Entrance Examination from 6 provinces of China, attended the ceremony. Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC Mr. Chen Yixin delivered a speech at the ceremony.
August, 2014 On August 28th, Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor of Wenzhou City, chaired an investigation meeting on the construction and development of WKU. Mr. Chen pointed out that being distinctive is the life and competitive power of a university, so that Wenzhou-Kean University shall speed up its pace to establish a university with distinctive features of openness and internationalization. WKU will be a good model of China- Foreign cooperative university.
August, 2014 In early August, the new leadership of Wenzhou-Kean University was appointed. Mr. Wang Beijiao, Vice-secretary-general of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Director of Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee Office, was appointed as the Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Chair of University Council of WKU. Mr. Qian Qiang was appointed as Deputy Secretary of WKU CPC Committee and Vice Chair of University Council of WKU. Mr. Zeng Ruihua was appointed as member of WKU CPC Committee and Vice Chair of University Council of WKU.
July, 2014 On July 28th, Mr. Zheng Jiwei, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Mr. Chen Jinbiao, Mayor of Wenzhou City and other provincial and municipal officials met with Dr. Farahi, President of Kean University. The two parties exchanged views on further strengthening the bilateral cooperation and how to establish Wenzhou-Kean University as a world-class higher education institution. They also reached consensus on the issues such as campus construction, organizational structure, management and faculty recruitment.
July, 2014 On July 11th, the establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University was listed as one of the 104 Achievements of the fifth round of China-U.S. People-to-People and cultural exchanges, which is Zhejiang’s only educational project on the list.
June, 2014 On June 23rd, Michael Graves, Master of Architect and emeritus professor from Princeton University, was invited to guide the planning of Wenzhou-Kean University’s campus construction. Prof. Graves agreed to name the University’s School of Architecture and Design after him. Prof. Graves also met with Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC, during his visit in Wenzhou.
June, 2014 On June 6th, Mr. Chen Yixin, Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, chaired a working meeting on construction and development of Wenzhou-Kean University. Mr. Chen pointed out that the communication between Chinese and American parties shall be deepened and constructive suggestions from American party shall also be adopted and respected, and campus planning and construction shall be well conducted.
May, 2014 From May 24th to June 3rd, Wenzhou-Kean University held activities of China-US University Sports and Cultural Exchanges. A 37-member Kean Soccer Team from the United States visited Beijing, Hangzhou and Wenzhou and played friendship match respectively with Beijing Sport University, Zhejiang University and United Team of Universities in Wenzhou.
April, 2014 On April 1st, the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang Vice Chairperson Mr. ZHENG Jianbang, and All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Vice Chairperson Ms. KANG Xiaoping visited Wenzhou-Kean. Mr. ZHENG pointed out the innovative practice of WKU Project offers reference and experience for educational reform in China.
March, 2014 On March 31st, State MOE officially approved the formal establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University, making it the first Sino-US University in Zhejiang.
March, 2014 On March 23rd, WKU organized its first Open House Weekend.
March, 2014 WKU held a special meeting to coordinate issues relating to planning extract 330 acres campus land being recently permitted. The meeting clarified the chief principle of developing a world-class institute to all related to issues.
February, 2014 Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Department Associate Director Mr. LU Guohao visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, hoping WKU being a model project for internationalization of education in China.
February, 2014 WKU won a Distinct Award in Performance Administrative Assessment in Wenzhou.
February, 2014 Municipal CPC Party Secretary Mr. CHEN Yixin reviewed and studied issues related to the development of WKU. He emphasized that the University shall be developed into a successful model of Sino-US cooperation in education aiming at world-class standard as well as with considerations from national and local conditions. He also commented that the University shall jointly work with the city and create a unique campus.


Major Events

December, 2013 WKU was reviewed by MOE expert panel. Prof. HUANG Wei, leading figure of the panel, highly commented those achievements made by WKU in two years of preparation.
November, 2013 Provincial CPC Party Committee Educational Working Committee Deputy Secretary General and Provincial Education Department Deputy Director Mr. JIANG Shengxiang visited WKU, extended his hopes to the development of the University, making it the unique practice in Chinese-American Education.
November, 2013 Shanghai US Consulate General Mr. Griffiths visited WKU, and delivered a speech on Sino-US relations.
November, 2013 Wenzhou-Kean Uni (in-prep) held its second round of 2013 Board meeting in Kean USA.
October, 2013 Provincial Governor of Zhejiang welcomed Dr. Farahi, and extended his hopes towards Wenzhou-Kean in developing world-class education program and campus facilities, in order to provide talents in need for serving for the regional development in Zhejiang.
October, 2013 Dr.Farahi, President of Kean University, US, and Dr. Michael Middaugh, the Observer from Middle States Commission on Higher Education visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni.
October, 2013 New campus inauguration, welcome reception for 2013 new student cohort.
August, 2013 Provincial CPC Party Committee Educational Working Committee Secretary General and Provincial Education Department Chief Director Mr. LIU Xiping visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, highlighted the University’s commitment to student-oriented approach, innovative pedagogical practice, high standard and unique school running, making this university as a successful model for Chinese-Foreign cooperation in education.
August, 2013 Municipal CPC Party Secretary Mr. CHEN Yixin visited Wenzhou-Kean Uni, emphasized the importance of “University-City Cooperation” through high education process.
August, 2013 Orientation for the new student cohort, and all the students were assigned within a three-week English Enhancement Program.
July, 2013 The bench marks for admitting both Arts and Sciences students in 2013 through College Entrance Examination were resealed. All the intended 240 students were recruited from Tier 1 in Zhejiang.
July, 2013 The first batch of students from Wenzhou-Kean University attended a six-week summer English Immersion and Cultural Exchange Program in Kean USA.
May, 2013 Successful completion of the Roof Sealing for the 1st Phase of WKU’s 1st bidding section.
May, 2013 Mr. ZHAO Hongzhu, current member of the secretariat of the Central CPC Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection met with President of Kean University Dr. Farahi and Kean Delegation.
May, 2013 Mr. XIA Baolong met with President of Kean University Dr. Farahi and Kean Delegation.
May, 2013 A Sino-US Cultural and Economic cooperation dialogue was held in Wenzhou. Municipal governors and Dr. Dawood Farahi President of Kean University delivered a keynote address at the conference.
May, 2013 The Wenzhou-Kean University Board meeting was held in Wenzhou with all fifteen members (8 Chinese members and 7 American Members) attended.
April, 2013 Ministry of Education approved the application of offering four major programs in 2013 admissions of Wenzhou-Kean Project, i.e. International Business, Economics, English and Computer Science with an intended number of 240 students in total.
January, 2013 The first student cohort finished their first semester in WKU.
January, 2013 Successfully completed the Pile-laying Project of the First Phase of WKU’s First Bidding Section.


Major Events

December, 2012 The Student Branch of Wenzhou-Kean University CPC Committee held its 1st conference meeting.
December, 2012 The Staff Branch of Wenzhou-Kean University CPC Committee held its 1st conference meeting.
December, 2012 The Staff Union of Wenzhou-Kean University held its 1st conference meeting.
November, 2012 Thanks Giving events at Wenzhou-Kean University
November, 2012 the Communist Youth League of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) held the conference for all the Youth League Members.
October, 2012 The Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Chair of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Mr. ZHAO Hongzhu met with Dr. Dawood Farahi and his delegation from Kean University.
September, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean Cooperative Project’s new student opening ceremony. Standing Committee member of CPC Provincial Committee, secretary of CPC municipal committee. Chen Derong attended and delivered speech at the ceremony.
September, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University Chancellor’s Inauguration Ceremony. Formal chancellor of Beijing Normal University, the renowned mathematician Professor Lu Shanzhen was appointed to be the first chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University.
August, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) laid the trial pile for the first phase of the first bidding section.
July, 2012 Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) started to enroll students in the name of the China-US Cooperative Kean Project, 204 freshmen 3 majors in total with an auspicious beginning.
April, 2012 The design project of Wenzhou-Kean University announced to bid globally, and the Architectural Design Institute of South China University of Technology came out on top in the bidding competition among the seven highly qualified Chinese and foreign architectural design firms.
March, 2012 The Ground-breaking Ceremony of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) was launched. Zhao Hongzhu, Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress; Hao Ping, vice minister from Ministry of Education, unveiled the nameplate of Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation) together.
November, 2011 The Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China approved to establish the Wenzhou-Kean University (in preparation), which is one of the two China-US cooperative universities shared with legal person status to date.
October, 2010 The Vice Governor and secretary of CPC municipal committee Chen Derong received the delegation of Kean University, been clear about the determination and demands of establishing the Wenzhou-Kean University, preliminarily planned to situate the Li’ao town, Ou hai district of Wenzhou with a total sum of 1.5 billion (Approximately $234.4 million) Yuan for the campus construction.
October, 2010 The delegation of the Kean University led by the president Dawood Farahi visited Zhejiang received by the Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. Zhao Hongzhu said that the establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University is fully supported by the CPC Zhejiang Committee and the Provincial Government.
November, 2006 The Wenzhou Municipal Government accomplished the application materials of Wenzhou-Kean University and delivered to the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the Zhejiang Provincial Government reported to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.
May, 2006 The Wenzhou University and Kean University held the Signing Ceremony of establishing the Cooperation Project Wenzhou-Kean University on the Union County of New Jersey. Xi Jinping, the Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Province (at that time) attended the ceremony.
August, 2005 James McGreevy, the former governor of New Jersey and Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice Operating President of Kean University signed a memorandum of the Cooperation Project with the Wenzhou Municipal Government.